Community Partners

Recent posts that review some of the ways in which we engage with our community partners.

Why Is Physical Education a Student's Most Important Subject?

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Since 2015, TEDxUCLA has provided a platform for innovative thinkers to share powerful ideas. This year’s event included a talk by Bill Simon, the Co-Founder of UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind Foundation through UCLA Health. This organization…

Chancellor’s Award for Community-Engaged Scholars

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Six new UCLA ladder faculty members were presented with the inaugural Chancellor’s Award for Community-Engaged Scholars, supported by both the Chancellor's Office and the UCLA Center for Community Learning, for the 2019-2020 academic year.…

Professional Development through Networking in the Bay Area

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By Amado Castillo and Eduardo Solis With over 1,000 organizations at UCLA, it is difficult for undergraduates to carve out a place and establish a presence on campus. In 2017, UCLA’s Division of Social Sciences and the Luskin School…

Stemming the Rise of Latino Homelessness: Lessons from Los Angeles County [LPPI Report]

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Earlier this year, in collaboration with Dr. Melissa Chinchilla, PhD, MCP, the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative (LPPI) presented a critical look at the unique experience of Latino homelessness in Los Angeles County, the jurisdiction…

UCLA LPPI Study Identifies Barriers Latino Students Face When Pursuing a Medical Career in California

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UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative study finds that Latino students pursuing a medical career in California must overcome significant barriers to successfully become physicians. The main barriers identified are: financial and opportunity…

Bargaining for the Common Good: An Analysis of the Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike

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By Betty Hung, Staff Director, and Kent Wong, Director, UCLA Labor Center Thirty-four thousand Los Angeles teachers launched a six-day strike from January 14 to 22, 2019, impacting five hundred thousand students and their families. On…